Why it is Difficult for Women to Find Plus Size Bikinis

Despite the growing brands that offer much diversity with sizes, it is still not easy for plus women to get the best fitting swimwear. This is against the backdrop of retailers having various choices for larger people who may desire to buy a plus size bikini that will support their curvy body while fitting them correctly. Most brands continue to overlook this fact as they cater to their clients.

Shopping for swimsuits will not give you a better experience either. GBM SonsieForever 21, and Target are only a few retailers that sell plus size swimsuits. While that might be a relief for shoppers, the fact that the swimwear may not be of good quality or is just not meant for their body size.

English blogger Aliss Bonython laid all these challenges bare in an Instagram post.  

Take one photo for instance where the beautiful lady is trying to put on a bikini top and the experience is not very pleasant….in fact, to many, it might seem like an exercise in futility. The caption tells it all, explaining that women now have to go to the stores that only sell plus size swimsuits.

The blogger describes her experiences while shopping for a bikini as heartbreaking especially when she was buying with smaller women who had it easy finding their sizes. Instead of letting the modern definition of sexy define her, Bonython chose to look in other stores because she had to ensure that her boobs, hips, and the ass that were also large got a well-fitting plus size bikini and not the straight-sized.

Describing her ordeal at length, Bonython also writes of how difficult it was getting the best swimsuit for her breast. Her breasts are large, and that is the main problem. To have a perfect fit for her breasts, she will need to buy a size 12 which is not easy to get. Not only is it difficult to get it is also not big enough. That is the part that frustrates most plus size when shopping for swimwear. It is not easy to get the ideal cup size.

Despite the fact that stores have to specialize in plus size swimsuits for any woman to get a plus size bikini that fits her, many online and offline retailers serve the needs of women who desire large swimsuits with excellent support for their breasts as well. Bonython is onto this as well as she has also listed Torrid, Ashley Stewart, Lane Bryant, Rue 21 and so on as retailers that offer plus size swimsuits that can cover the breasts perfectly as well.

Instead of hiding herself when at the beach because of embarrassment, the blogger has chosen to try her lack of brands that offer plus size swimsuits for women. She has been particularly grateful to Gabi Fresh aka Gabi Gregg who urged her to look for a perfectly fitting swimsuit instead of changing her body. 


Ms. Aliss also remembers buying a Gabi Fresh plus size swimwear collection plus size bikini. The best attribute about the latter is that she could fit in it properly, with all her curves well covered. Swimsuits for All and GBM Sonsie are some of the brands that she owes eternal gratitude for remembering curvy girls.

Most of the readers were quite impressed, and they expressed this through their comments while appreciating her for the honest post. They also opened up about the challenges that they go through when shopping for swimwear. As her final word, Ms. Aliss calls on the leading and emerging brands to think of large women. Most of these brands have the assumption that a market for plus-sized swimsuits does not exist, which is just crazy. In this case, retailers are wrong because her followers ask about the stores because it is so hard to find those that offer plus size bikinis. 


Soon it will be summer, and with it, most swimsuit designers will find it difficult to meet the demand of swimsuits and their many requirements by plus-sized women. Designers should embrace this challenge and come up with various types of plus size swimsuits for many eager clients. This will not only increase the bottom line but will improve the shopping experience for plus size women everywhere.

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