Why You Love Magnetic Eyelashes, and You Don’t Even Know It!

I need us to have a moment right now, so let’s talk about falsies. False lash looks are so popular all over social media and entertainment news, and today it seems like every freaking fashionista alive is rocking a set of lash extensions. But if you have ever applied a set yourself you know that they are not easy to get onto your eyes without pain and irritation. Every set of falsies I’ve ever applied myself has either been crooked, or gotten glue in my eye, and the lash salons charge over $100.00 a pop! And that’s just for the initial sitting. The fills costs more and you have to get a fill every month to maintain the lashes. 


But, now there is another way. I’m talking about false lashes made with mini magnets. Yes, you heard right, I said magnetic lashes. It’s changing the world of falsies for good and you can rejoice! Now you can wear a set of falsies any place you go including your favorite daytime café, yoga class, or even to the grocery store, because every set applies in literally seconds. 


Ready to hear more? Ok get this ... They are called One Two Lash extensions and they are only made by a company called One Two Cosmetics. When I first found them I was working with a friend on a shoot of a movie. I was just helping lug around equipment that day, but I asked one of the actors how they got such luxuriously long and thick eyelashes. They looked a little too dramatic to be real, but I really couldn’t tell if it was just her natural beauty, or if she had falsies on. She told me that they were magnetic false eyelashes and then of course I had to gasp before asking her about a million questions. 


Now that I have my own set of magnetic One Two Lashes, I know all of the answers, so I want to share them with you. Because after all, every woman should get the chance to have glam lashes whenever they want. 


How are magnetic lashes different than other falsies? 

When you go to a lash salon, the specialist generally will apply the lashes without much pain, but it can be irritating. The process is less of a pain in the you-know-what than applying them yourself at home though. If you have ever put on a set of falsies you know that the smelly glue is also very damaging to your sensitive eyes, and the skin around the area. And that's if you get the lashes on at all! Usually, when I apply the sets from the store myself, I end up having to pull them off and re-setting them, damaging my natural lashes and even pulling them out sometimes. One Two Lashes from One Two Cosmetics are completely glue-freeso they’re also pain free to apply! Not only that, but because you never have to worry about removing and replacing One Two Lashes, you can always have a set of straight, secure falsies when you wear them. 


How do they work? 

One Two Lash magnetic extensions are easy to apply. Here’s how to do it. Just take the top One Two Lash out of the box and place it on top of your natural upper eyelash. Scoot the micro magnet at the base of the One Two Lash line all the way back to your eyelid. Then take the bottom One Two Lash (the one with the red dot) out of the box and hold it just underneath your top natural lash. The mini magnets will pull toward each other and meet. Then your natural lash is sandwiched between the One Two eyelashes, and you’re good to go! If you need to re-position the Lashes, you just apply gentle pressure at the base of the lashes, right where the magnets are, and slide them away from each other. That’s it! So flippin' easy. 


How long does it take to put magnetic lashes on? 

When I first got the set of One Two Lash magnetic extensions it took me up to 10 minutes to get them just right. But now, I can have my One Two Lashes on and set securely in place in under 5 minutes. Most of the time I spend putting them on is while I’m removing them from the case. 


Are they comfortable? 

Compared to other types of false lashes, the magnetic lashes from One Two Cosmetics are probably the most comfortable falsies I’ve ever worn. The tiny magnets are hardly noticeable and really, the only time I think about them being on my eyes is when I first put them on. After a few minutes, I forget I’m wearing them which is why it’s so fun to get compliments on my lashes when I’m at yoga class. People seem shocked when they see such natural looking, thick and long lashes like the One Two Lashes I have on. And they are so lightweight I can wear them anywhere I go. 


Do you wear makeup with them? 

I usually only wear a touch of mascara on the inside of my natural lashes, where the One Two Lash extensions don’t go. But you can also wear a full coat of mascara over the extensions, too! I’ve even followed some tutorials I’ve seen online on sparkling lash looks and added them into my glam gal routine! It’s easy to rinse off gunk and makeup from One Two Lashes with One Two Wash for the magnetic extensions. You just wipe them clean, and let them dry to use them again and again. So, wear them bare or add makeup - it’s all good! 


How do I know they will fit me? 

You can trim any set of One Two Lashes to fit your eyes and the natural length of your eyelashes. Just adjust them to fit your needs and you can wear a custom pair of false eyelashes any time you want to. One Two Lashes from One Two Cosmetics feature a patented micro-magnetic technology as the fastest way to turn any lash look into 100% fabulous. 


Can I afford One Two Lash magnetic eyelashes? 

I understand that for those who have never worn false eyelashes before, it can be intimidating to buy a set of faux lashes. For the price, One Two Lashes are worth the cost. Because they are reusable, you end up only spending a few pennies every time you wear a set. And there are 2 separate sets of lashes in every One Two Lash case! Compare the cost to the time and money you could spend at a lash salon and it's easy to see that One Two Lashes are the best option. Plus they spare you any of the damage cheap falsies can cause to your real eyelashes. 


I had to share this hot new product called One Two Lash with everyone. Just in case you didn't already know that you love magnetic extensions of course! Apply them in seconds to get the glamorous looking eyes you’ve always wanted, all without the pain or irritation of glue. Go ahead, and go glam. Now it’s easy to do!

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